10 quality directories to start your netlinking

The inclusion of a site in directories of websites is an almost a mandatory step when starting to work on netlinking (reminder for beginners: the backlink is to generate links to a website to increase its relevance in the eyes of Google, for more info click here ). However, it is important to understand that in 2009 there was more utility to register the site in all possible directories : the vast majority of directories that you find on the web will not bring anything to your SEO because they were punished by Google for “duplicate content” ( more info on duplicate content here ).

To establish a netlinking you need to bring weight to your site in the long term, it is absolutely imperative to focus on quality links rather than quantity , and therefore knowing the quality directories that will bring more to your netlinking. Caution still understand the problem: if you want to position your site on competitive applications, enrollment in quality directories will not be enough to overcome your competition, but it will be a good start to your netlinking.

The list of directories that I propose do not pretend to be exhaustive , but just to give you some good places to start netlinking a new site.

THE rule to follow

Google has tightened its policy on duplicate content, the directory companies who wish to maintain a high level of quality in their directories have been forced to tighten the rules for acceptance and it is essential to respect in order for your submissions to be validated.

If you want to get links from these directories, you must allow time for the preparation of a single description : the description of your site and the services it offers must be unique for each directory where you submit your website otherwise your submission will be rejected. If your submission contains duplicate content and it passes between the cracks for x reasons and your site is approved, it will be quickly filtered by Google for “duplicate content” and you will not receive an additional link, therefore you would have wasted your time.


I want to re-state that this list is not intended to be exhaustive , it is probable that it will evolves over time if new quality directories appear or if some mentioned in the list do not meet my criteria of relevance. It would probably be helpful if i list the criteria for the ones I have included in this list…

First, it is necessary for the directory to provide more netlinking of inscribed sites and to make sure the second time validation of a new site does not exceed 10 days. Sounds simple  whether a directory actually provides more netlinking is not obvious: we could probably discuss tests to be done to scientifically validate this contribution but I owuld rather base it on my personal experience and results practices that these books have given me.

Nice chat, let’s get serious, here are 10 quality directories where you can start your backlink:

Alphabetically and not by relevance. Note that some of these directories validate within 10 days, and which require adding a link back to your site or payment Allopass code. I imagine that some will jump, but I think if you do not have a couple of pounds to invest it is not worth the time to make a website …

Good SEO to all ;-) !