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– How to analyze and answer to each user category’s needs ?
– How to conceive the website navigation system according to the customer’s expectations ?
– How to optimize formulary’s occupancy rate ?
– How to improve the contact rate and its quality ?


– List the different path types for each target and its needs
– Identify and evaluate each possible user path
– Realize paths that allow to agregate every strategies
– Optimize the fonctionnal conception and the ergonomic choices

When one talks about optimized customer experience, they are talking about something linear. It no longer describes the architecture but rather the ability to trace the actual route, step by step, the surfer trying to perform an action.

The user is browsing as successive stages and  punctuated descriptions of flow interactions (if there is trade between the site and the user.)
Working the usability of your website and customer experience, users will enjoy browsing through. It is the user experience that is highlighted.

On prospective sites are 3 great stages of the customer journey.

    • The reception includes general website usability and navigability especially to forms or specifications on which many elements can be improved and which can enable the improvement of conversion rate.
    • The form or quotation key step as it relates to the desired, in order to provide an appropriate form suitable for the target and the desired conversion actions directly.
    • Post-form, where success requires a quality customer service, in fact we need to be a strong reactivity: a customer wants an answer within a few hours, a maximum of 24. You have to be more responsive, customer satisfaction is important.

In order to optimize your website user journey , it is necessary to make changes that can be measured and analyzed in order to obtain reliable and sustainable results.
Therefore PumpUp offers the use of A / B testing, product eye-tracking or other methods to improve your user’s journey.

Discover the details in the corresponding presentation.

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