Our tools and turnkey solutions

A successful digital strategy lies largely in the use and control of many tools. The era of  “Big Data” has raised awareness among businesses to improve their profitability and grow their business, the use of dedicated solutions were a necessity. The PumpUp agency has a team of developers and engineers specializing in the deployment and integration of productivity solutions in more complex environments. The implementation of CRM / PRM SaaS, such as Pulp CRM through the integration of tools A / B testing for e-commerce via Optimizely, and the realization of a bridge between your CRM and your website or just about achieving a platform website and its interface – it has become essential to choose a partner who can address these issues.

Solutions to the questions:

  • How to align sales and marketing?
  • Which CMS to choose to enhance your e-commerce business?
  • How to link a portion of your website to a web service?
  • What actions to take to improve the loading time of the web site?
  • How to generate automatic emails mailings to people who contact you on your site via a form?
  • How to integrate A / B testing solutions on your website?
  • What tools to use to improve the business of your internal work teams?

To address these issues, PumpUp provides its clients with a dedicated team of experts. Development of application integration and training, we support you and want to help you make the best choice.