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– How to measure the site’s results according to the targeted goals ?
– How to identify the problems encoutered by internauts on your website ?
– How to analyze the usability and ergonomy problems ?


– Measure the website’s results according to the different goals and targets
– Analyze precisely the blocking aspects and the encoutered errors
– Satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations

The user test is one of the most powerful tools for improving the efficiency of an application or a website. The test identifies 90% of usability issues, which increase the conversion rate in a sustainable manner.

The user test is undoubtedly the best way to get feedback from users: it is then possible to identify the main difficulties encountered by real users, and compile the most useful material to make decisions necessary to correct or change a service.
This is also one of the few times when it is possible to observe actual consumers who speak freely of a brand, product, website or application. This feedback is invaluable for businesses that often foresee their clients only through statistics or sales figures.
it is very important to define what should be observed during the sessions: pages, features, scenario use … These goals and issues associated with it, are the hypotheses to be tested during the test.

Qualitative is used as an approach to test the user simply requires a quota of 5 to 6 participants representative of the target population. It is therefore a priority to collect a sample of participants who fit the profile of current users of the service (or the profile of the future users). The views of users of competing products or services can also be very useful.

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