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The  A / B Testing  is to test a variant of a website in relation to a Given original and retain the Most Effective in Both production. On this principle, Many variations can be put into producing one Simultaneously All which the user is Redirected. This process is imperative and Progressively led to the  overall improvement in the conversion rate  . DEPENDING on the number of variables tested and optimized, the more the test Will bring a profit  conversion . Obviously it shoulds be Prioritized ACCORDING to the level of loss of prospects at Each course of the sales process.

The  A / B test is covered throughout the path of the user in the website ensures until it goes out from it, by purchasing or not. Reminder, the  conversion rate  of the traditional distribution is about 40-50% whereas the e-business’ is about 2%. The scope for growth is considerable.

The  A / B Testing  is based on the flow of visitors to the site. Such as, each visitor can contribute to the test and the improvement of their knowledge and behavior, and therefore the actual performance of the site.
Based on a measured statistical truth, using A / B test methodology improves your site’s conversion rate.

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