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landing page  is a page on your site dedicated to a specific and strategic purpose: Give your visitor what they want. When a user clicks on a sponsored link, (Adwords, email marketing or net-linking) they are taken to an alternate landing page. which should be optimized to meet the interest generated by the link.

This is the most important role of the landing page: match the promise of your advertising message.

Redirecting a business link or emailing a link to a website can lead the user to “disperse” causing him to navigate through the various pages.
landing page (ie under substantive and effective shape) can significantly Improve the rate of return on investment in a campaign with trading links or emailing.

The main Reason is that the presence of a  specific landing page  behind a link allows the user to surf and be encouraged to move to the next step, according to your campaign objectives.
In any event, giving a clear indication of your visitor leaves him no choice but to move to the next steps.

PumpUp offers specific actions on your landing page all which increases the conversion rate of your marketing actions.

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