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The increase in the conversion rate  , Often through an  Improved product sheets.

This is indeed, the most important step in convincing a user to add a product to cart and to commit a deed of sale. This is a key moment in your user’s decision to make a purchase.

We must follow two kinds of constraints on this page:

    • marketing constraint: each website needs its own information on a page and needs to be adjusted according to the client. After all, this summary page should be “selling” content; we do not sell a car like a loaf of bread.
    • The ergonomic constraint outside of discourse and marketing needed to sell your products, there is still the ergonomic conventions  to respect that meet the needs of these new customers: reinsurance, credibility, price transparency, trust.

PumpUp proposes to initiate a program to optimize your product pages  to increase your conversion rate and to turn your visitors into customers.

Discover the details in the Corresponding presentation.

To go further: User Test / Test ab / Audit ergonomic Tunnel conversion

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