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The  conversion tunnel  Also called funnel, is the process the user must follow in your site in order to accomplish and achieve a specific action. In the case of an e-commerce site, it is purchasing.

The tunnel conversion  is simple, users tend to go through the tunnel, and therefore pass an order on your site. It is very significant to measure consumer behavior and the reasons why they abandon a purchase.
This analysis can be the carried out using statistical tools (like Google Analytics for example).
This will therefore calculate the conversion rate between those who enter the funnel and those that emerge with a purchase.
This tool will let you know exactly where in the tunnel you leave your users. Is it the course of delivery? So maybe your shipping costs are too high … From the payment internship? You can not be sufficiently demonstrated secure your payment online …
In short, it will be easy to Identify at what may possibly be the problem, or perform any optimization.
For a merchant, the  degree of conversion  through a tunnel Information is around 20 %, or 5. By starting with an optimization program you can report potential defects and increase your steps throughout your traffic and your sales revenue.

Discover the details in the corresponding presentation.

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