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A web site only has a few seconds to communicate and convince a potential client when he or she visits his home page. It must justify its use immediately and clearly.
Whether it’s a blog (wordpress, typepad ..) or CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 …) or a website owner, the Home page is the main entry for the vast majority of websites.

We must optimize to allow experts to find relevant information quickly. The faster the user will find on the home page, the faster a link may lead him to what he wants and the research time will be diminished.
To choose content to prioritize on the home page the designer must ask the question of what the user is looking for when they arrive on  your site.

The relationship between design and ergonomics should be considered so that the design serves the usability of the Home Page, by pressing certain content, highlighting news groups, stressing the importance of hierarchy elements by their appearance, etc..

Recommendations for the presentation of a homepage is not only a reflection of the optimal choices to facilitate the use of the site, it is recommended to follow the conventions used = (ie respect what is most frequently), which allows one to capitalize on prior learning users.

PumpUp offers a program for improving your home page based on these optimization principles.

Discover the details in the corresponding presentation.

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