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– When you receive a formulary or a validated estimation, do you know where the internaut comes from ? From your adwords campaign, from your SEO, from your Facebook or Linkedin account ?
– Do you know the real cost of a validated formulary on your website ?
– How to dispatch farely your web investments according to the concret follow-up elements on your validated estimation/formulary ?


– Set up your conversion goals
– Estimate your acquisition costs variations of an estimation/formulary
– Measure your conversion rate according to your acquisition canals
– Follow your sales revenue according to your ad spend
– Adopt customised analysis tools, exhaustive and sustainable

The definition of conversion goals (KPIs) for a website is the basis of the work of the analytical configuration. For websites focused on leads, the conversion objective is most often to validate a form or a quote online. There are thus other several elements of classical measure, which are related to your site (number of unique visitors, number of pages viewed, time spent on the page, ..) which depends on your analytics configuration and conversion goals.

Once the objectives are defined, PumpUp proposes to integrate the analytics configuration through the open source tool (free) Google Analytics.

To link the conversion tool, PumpUp uses conversion scripts which are lines of html code embedded in source code. This process has several advantages:

    • the codes on your web platform, so you are not dependent on an external solution
    • they only take a few minutes to install most often in the header of your target page
    • once installed, the codes remain in place

The insertion of scripts and configuration of Google Analytics are interdependent and form what is called the marking plan . This setting Analytics gives you the breakdown of your performance based traffic sources and lets you know how many forms have been generated by your AdWords campaigns this month.

For websites focused on leads, steering the business through good reading of acquisition costs depending on the traffic source. Qualified contacts you need can be purchased via directories, physical prospection (exhibitions, competitions, fairs, …) and also on your website. Generating inbound contacts requires a financial investment of which you need to measure the return. This is the challenge of the analytics configuration of your ROI.

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