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– Why should you use Bing Ads ?
– Which investments for which rentability ?
– One shot or long tail strategy ?


– Ensure visibilityon the 1st page of Bing/yahoo!
– Select visitors
– Control your adspend
– Handle the rentabilty of your campaigns
– Push your products/services forward in front of your rivals

With about 46% in the United States and about 10% of users in England searching Bing / Yahoo it can viewed by several  thousands of consumers via advertisements on Bing and Yahoo. The principle guidelines for these two search engines that use Bing Ads is as follows:

– Create an ad for your products
– Define keywords and ads which will allow the user to find them on Bing / Yahoo
– Each time someone clicks your ad you pay for CPC (cost by click)

A budget represents the potential number of clicks / visitors that will access your website and therefore a number of conversions (sales generated certificates validated certificates or forms).

PumpUp is a certified Bing and Yahoo agency.  We propose an optimized campaign by  Lowering acquisition costs [CPC] = Increasing the qualified traffic with the same budget = Increasing the number of conversions with the same budget.

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