Google Shopping: What is the benefit of new campaigns PLA ?

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Google Merchant Center

After a few weeks in beta, the new campaigns are available for the general public: Google Shopping campaigns. They are nothing more than an update of the existing product listing ads in this article we discuss the benefits.


1. Creation?


To create them, you just have to go to the tab for adding new campaigns and select the country in question. The prerequisites are the same as campaigns Product Listing Ads (its export flows in his account Google Merchant Center ).

2 news.:

a. The data:

Previously, control campaigns Google Shopping was pretty rough in the sense that we had no idea of our position , nor the audience share that we represent. We just knew we needed to increase the auction, we were more dedicated to the advertisement (to appear several times ).

Print rate ( audience share ), the CTR (benchmarking) and max CPC (benchmarking) were added. These datas are interesting because they allow us to know where we are in terms of display and product offering relative to competition.


Concrete example:

We have a product category where we have an average CPC 0.3 and a CTR of 1%, the max CPC (benchmarking) is 0.3 and the average CTR (benchmarking) is 2%. In this case, one might wonder if we are not at the level needed for our offer / visual product as our offer is much less attractive than our competitors.

b. Management interface further for less sluggish optimization:

 Optimization campaigns PLA could with the old interface prove to be a very time consuming operation as soon as the customer catalog was a little bit provided and / or with a large  range of products. It was used to extract “hand” queries to convert the whole of your catalog in order to take a control of the ID Product .

Now, similar operations are much easier. We can divide our product catalog dynamically into categories / sub-categories according to the criteria of our choice:

– Category: division according to predefined categories Google

– Brand: Brand Product

– Item ID: Product ID

– Type of product: Our categories defined

The bid / exclusion is set to the most precise segment.

Example of cutting catalog campaign a customer according to the composition thereof:

All Products

– Subcategory A

– Subcategory B

– Brand

– Product ID


. 3 Management Tips PumpUp Google Shopping campaigns “from scratch”:

– Clean and organize the flow upstream exported

– Start by adding the target ” all products “of your campaign

– Subdivide your high-potential categories

– Go to the product ID where the volume of the target is sufficient

– Arbitrate your bids based on the profitability of each segment

– Ask questions about your offer when the max cpc are equal to competitors but the CTR is lower

– Use custom labels to refine the ROI (margin product, best sales, promotions etc …)

If you want to further optimize your campaigns for Google Shopping increase your profits without spending more on advertising, do not hesitate:  contact us  !