Newsletters & Emailings


– What is the benefit of emailing campaigns ?
– How to monetize prospective customer database ?
– How to retain customers beyond transactional messages ?


– Diversify your acquisition trafic sources
– Handle the rentability of your emailing campaigns and define its ROI
– Kick off campaigns to an accurate volume of prospects/customers

The Newsletters are one of the primary vectors of traffic acquisition. Newsletters are a bit overused but still offer prospects of profitability when they are used well.
To create your email campaigns you need:

    • a message: special offer, product launch, store opening, …
    • a database of transmission: basic customer or prospect base that matches the broadcast message
    • visually creating your Newsletter: content writing, layout images, overall design of your message
    • a routing tool: it allows you to centralize all of your email addresses and host target your message and disseminate it to the chosen platform.
    • tools for performance monitoring: Monitoring open mails, clicked KPI and sales / forms validated

PumpUp offers support for the development of the project, its implementation and monitoring. The objective is to control this traffic acquisition based on performance that can eventually generate a return on investment.

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