Google Shopping – PLA / SEA


– What is the benefit of a Google Shopping account for an e-shop website ?
– Why should you use a product catalog on Google ?
– How to improve your sells ?


– Point out your product’s pictures on the Google search engine
– Improve your sales revenue
–  Go past your rivals and get market share

Google Merchant Center or Google Shopping allows e-commerce sites to increase their visibility on the product catalog of their websites. This is a portal that allows you to export the product stream of your back office. Once exported, these products flows can be integrated into the Google AdWords account in a new campaign called PLA (Product Listing Ads) . The advantage of this campaign lies in its ability to display images of your products in Google when searching by keyword.
This action has several benefits:

  • your products are visible in photos
  • your competitors do not all have this option
  • making purchasing decisions can lead to impulse purchases

It is noted that the number of sales generated by PLA campaigns is higher than conventional campaigns. The conversion rate is often much higher and the share of revenue from these campaigns is increasingly important.
PumpUp offers you interface and the ability to manage your PLA campaigns to increase your sales and improve your ROI.

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