Google Display Retargeting / Remarketing


– How to use Google Adwords Banners ?
– What is the aim of retargeting ?
– How to monetize on abandonned shopping basket/formulary ?


– Maintain a commercial link with visitors
– Use the google network to increase sales revenue
– Get new customers

On your website, all your visitors will not buy your products or fill out a form. There is a significant amount of those visitors who will leave the website without making a conversion. HOWEVER, these visitors have already cost you money and are mostly potential customers. Therefore, it is feasible to redirect them with the use of banners to bring them back to your product or service. This is  Remarketing / Retargeting . It is the the ability to redirect your customers to your site to raise sales.

PumpUp offers a comprehensive optimization program which offers  Retargeting / Dynamic Retargeting to complete your purchase and Increase your sales.

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