Google Display Network / Branding


– How to use Google Adwords banners ?
– What is the aim of a Branding campaign ?
– How to capitalize on your brand’s name ?


– Monetizing on your brand’s name
– Use the Display network to increase your exposure
– Build a communication strategy around your brand
– Get new customers

Google AdWords offers, in addition to (CPC), a  Display Network  Also called  the content network . This network follows two modes of financing:

  • the cost per click (CPC), as the search network
  • cost per thousand (CPM) Which Operates package: X $ / £ 1000 for displays of your ad.

The idea is to spread the Message is in the form of a text or picture (banners). Selecting a media plan with sites related to your business is available to you in the book of Google’s partner sites. You get a wide choice of several million websites Representing Approximately 70% of websites in the world.

The purpose of this platform is to instill your site name / brand in the minds of your users to Increase the number of visitors to your website. A  campaign  display  Participates in building a strategy based on the name of your brand, All All which can be relayed by other platforms: such as natural SEO Campaigns Facebook, Youtube Campaigns, etc.. ..

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