Google Adwords


– Why should you use Google Adwords ?
– What about investments ? For which rentability ?
– One shot or long tail strategy ?


– Ensure visibility on the 1st page of Google
– Select visitors
– Control your Adspend

The principle of  Google Adwords is the Following:

  • create an ad about your products
  • Define keywords that show your ads and can be used by the customer to access your website
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your ad

The number of clicks and the amount of conversions (sales generated validated  certificates or forms) is determined by the budget. There is the possibility of calculating the conversion rate, i.e. the number of clicks per conversion and thus you have the ability to calculate your ROI.

PumpUp offers an optimized management of your campaigns by a Google AdWords Certified Expert using the following belief: lower acquisition costs [CPC] = Increased qualified traffic with the same budget = Increased number of conversions with the same budget.  PumpUp is here to help you.

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