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– What is the benefit of an Amazon announcer’s offer for an e-shop website ?
– Why should I use the Amazon offer if I am already on this market place ?
– How to improve your sells ?


– Point out the pictures of your products on Amazon
– Use the power of Amazon without pouring any sales commission
– Develop the sales revenue

Amazon advertising offer is proposed by PumpUp, to allow you to gain more qualified traffic to your e-commerce website. This solution works for auction by CPC , so you do not need to give commission to Amazon.

Like Google Shopping and Google Adwords, your visual product announcements appear over the Amazon banner. There is a link that will send the customer directly to your website to complete the actual purchase.

With the Amazon advertising offer , you get a larger and more qualified traffic to increase your conversions and ROI. Promoting your products is also much easier than with the Amazon Marketplace.

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